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Draw a Doodle Bug JuJu flower t

Draw a Doodle Bug JuJu flower t


Then draw two tall lines between the curly Q lines and put small circles at the end of these lines. Draw some dots around the circles as well. On the flower ...

Draw a Doodle Bug Ju-Ju flower

For the rest of the ground beside the Ju-Ju flower, make your wag lines curved the other way!

Going across the top of the flower make 3 rows of upside down “U”'s…stacked one on top of the other…

Now ...

For it's mouth make a long curved line going across the lower part of the flower. Make another long curved line connected at the ends of the first line.

Now draw a line at the bottom of your paper going all the way across. Let the bottom of your stem touch it. Of course, that is the ground.

Now draw another leaf right beside that one. That makes a pair of leaves. Then draw another pair of leaves down lower on the left side of the stem.

On the top of the ground line on the left side of the stem, we are going to draw some grass. In the Doodle Bug world this kind of grass is called “ ...

You know how to draw a doodle bug with a parachute. Maybe you could turn that picture over (so you can't see it) and on another piece of paper, ...

Flower Patterns

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My favorite flowers that I should draw How To Draw Roses, Flowers To Draw,

Embroidery Designs | Free Machine Embroidery Designs | JuJu Sewing Machine Embroidery,

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Draw a Doodle Bug Ju-Ju flower

Similar Images, Stock Photos & Vectors of Botany Set Vintage Flowers Black White - 264154823. Juju Meera · drawing

As the image is a commission/collaboration with Things That Creep , I presented this

Photo. Flower HennaDoodle ...

Juju Hat DIY

Paisley Blues Redwork machine embroidery designs by Designs by JuJu:

Doodle Bug Monday with Juju-Mahn! Doggo gives a Bone Doodle by @juju_mahn336arts

juju on dat beat full song

My original artwork, inspired by many. ♥ Doodle, flower, line drawing, tattoo. Juju Meera

1st Doodle Bug Monday post of 2019 with Juju-Mahn! here's a "Whale

Hand drawn line doodle set of houseplants in pots. Juju Meera

image 0

This spatter pattern fit my "busy world" concept and echoed the delicate femininity of

Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag Backpack, Hello Kitty Bag, B.F.F. Hello Perky - Walmart.com

doodle bugs | Draw with Rich

1_spring card.jpg

Proven Winners 2019 Must See Plants

Braided flower

Kindergarten pattern, drawn kids garden elements pattern, doodle drawing, vector illustration, colorful

Kindergarten children doodle crayon drawing of a friend and kid environment such as animal pet house flower rainbow in happy cartoon character icon in ...

If you feel someone sends you bad juju use a bubble of protection or a mirror

Flowing with Doodle Bugger Juju-Mahn! Flower Chick Doodle by @juju_mahn336arts #doodlebugmondays

Doodle Bug Monday with Juju-Mahn! Doggo gives a Bone Doodle by @juju_mahn336arts

Juju hat wall deco

rattler vs gopher_2.jpg

Cockroaches: The insect we're programmed to fear


New year / Old year

Kindergarten pattern, drawn kids garden elements pattern, doodle drawing, vector illustration, colorful

 I added background color with a textured gradient, recolored swirl and text,


Also, sort of unrelated, but Greg and I saw La La Land last night. Like you (I'm only guessing here!), I'm pretty fond of Ryan Gosling. Since I haven't had ...

Ju Ju Be - Be Neat

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October 17, 2016

Finished Illustration

This is the process.. it's not finished.. how boring is to give

When I first began voraciously reading about, talking about, and practicing growing and arranging flowers I could only see ...

Bullet Journal Writing, Bullet Journal Doodles Ideas, Bullet

200 Brilliant Bullet Journal Ideas and Doodles to Rock Your Bu Jo

Doodle Bugger Juju-Mahn! Floating Doggo doodle by @juju_mahn336arts #doodlebugmondays #doodlebuggerjujumahn

We had it for dessert that night and again for breakfast in the morning. Tart, juicy, so so good. She is an amazing cook who can do wonders with whatever ...


Squillions of little doodled creatures and things, including tutorials on how to draw wings and fins.

image 0 ...

... 4 ...

October 12, 2018 Flowers, Gardens, NewsCabbage Rose, Canada Blooms, Cherry Blossom, Dogwood, Fall, Forsythia, Ontario Flower Growers, Pussy WillowLisa ...

Show Me The Monet!

Emma Walker. '


Thank you to Classical Music Magazine for featuring me as 'Artist of the Month' in their April issue! You can read the online feature here.

cute hand-drawn seamless pattern with whale

Fan Art Fridays Juju-Mahn! Elekid doodle by @juju_mahn336arts #fanartfridays #fanart

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Here I've added a partially opaque layer to the leaves.

Christmas Cactus Care

Ju-Ju-Be x Tokidoki- Toki Pops-jujube, toki, tokipops

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Today I'm going to try to clean the studio a bit and find a Christmas Present or two for Greg. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Mama Odie and Juju Enamel Pin


Mark's Choice Workshops

Ju Ju Be - Be Neat


Whimsical Watercolor Birds

Any iteration of a cucumber salad has been a welcome addition to the dinner table. Cucumbers dipped in hummus? The perfect snack. And I don't even really ...

Button Badge Motif Print postcard

new entries & back in stock | week 39


Canada Blooms 2017 Toronto Flower Show International Competition

And it's turned out to be a lovely, unexpected foil to the creative act of arranging flowers.

Fantail JujuOwl Art Print

Ju-Ju-Be - Super Be

Heart Blossom Valentine Card

Six Supplies You Need to Start a Relaxing New Hobby

I created a line drawing of each plant including the covered portion

Friday's Best Deals: Nintendo Labo, Harry Potter Coding Kit, Italian Vacation, and More

How liberating would it be if we all had the guts to do promo pieces where we jumped out of giant things like cakes or eggs and didn't care if people ...

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