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KiahKiean KKKiah in 2019 t Sketches Drawing

KiahKiean KKKiah in 2019 t Sketches Drawing


Oriental Art & Cultural Center cordially invites you to the official opening of. Close Objects solo exhibition by Ch'ng Kiah Kiean

Ch'ng Kiah Kiean / 20160309 Rua do Cano, Evora

Ch'ng Kiah Kiean (Malasya) Cityscape Drawing, Art Paysage, Drawing Sketches

20180905 The Face II

Urban sketchers show the world, one drawing at a time.

... chapter of Urban Sketchers, a global community of artists who draw outdoors. There, he was introduced to other artists including Ch'ng Kiah Kiean, ...

Size: 1920 x 1080 px

Changhua, Lukang Old Street, 2012. Kiah Kiean is an architect, designer and

Kiah Kiean (3)

2. Christ Church – Melaka

#Venice through the eyes of the great #Malaysian #artist Ch'ng Kiah Kiean #urban #sketches #watercolors #drawingspic.twitter.com/U7jzfzZr3C

... came home with me in my pencil case so I can try this again in Montreal. I just have to remember to hold the twig loosely, and start from the left side!

Meet the correspondents: PENANG, MALAYSIA > Kiah Kiean

20130103 平溪火車站 by Ch'ng Kiah Kiean 莊 嘉強, via Flickr

Kiah Kiean (1)

Sketching Suwon with Dry Twig & Chinese Ink

Kiah Kiean Ch'ng at work

Dancing Lines, Part 1: Ch'ng Kiah Kiean

Draw anything you want with twig and ink

Partying with Sketcherman, Chinese Twigging with Kiah Kiean and Coming Home with Simo Capecchi | Urban Sketchers

12:29 PM - 7 Oct 2018

素描老檳城 Sketches of Pulo Pinang

Robie House design by Kiah Kiean Ch'ng

arqsa: “ archatlas: “ Architectural Drawings Andrei ( Zoster ) Răducanu ” Interior Design

Size: 1920 x 1080 px

7/16/17 Chinese ink, twig, stencil brush

Page 1

大家也許對我的建築素描較為熟悉,四年前我開始嘗試畫建築以外的主題如花草樹木等並發現大自然之美是任何建築都無法取代的。後來的寫生素描除了用心尋找建築不同面向的 ...

Malay House design by Kiah Kiean Ch'ng

I apply it with my whole hands so I get my hands dirty and make quick swishes. That's the medium and it suits my character as of now, when everything is ...

#Venice through the eyes of the great #Malaysian #artist Ch'ng Kiah Kiean #urban #sketches #watercolors #drawingspic.twitter.com/U7jzfzZr3C

Ch´ng Kiah Kiean. SketchingSketchSketches

Trip to Lisbon

1. Perlis Road

莊嘉強 Ch'ng Kiah Kiean

Old Tree Series Wallpaper

Preparing art supplies to go Urban Sketching

20190228 Pura Tirta Empul, Bali


Learn How to Draw and Sketch Book New Pin by Marie V On Natural History Cabinet

Malay House design by Kiah Kiean Ch'ng. Tough

Learn How to Draw and Sketch Book Awesome Sketchbook Drawings In 2018 Drawing Ideas Pinterest Pictures

20150212 Pantai Cenang, Langkawi I, by kiah kiean

7. Corner of King Street and China Street, Penang

An artist could potentially have a truly global reach given the staggering user base of these social media platforms, however, this requires a ...

11th April 2015 Sketching with Dry Twig with Ch'ng Kiah Kiean (Penang)

I'm getting my kit together for a weekend workshop. I'll be in the “Dancing Lines” sponsored by Urban Sketchers. Kiah Kiean Ch'ng, from Penang, Malaysia and ...

... Kiah Kiean Landscape Drawings, Landscape Sketch, Pencil Drawings, Art Drawings, Drawing ...

20190427 Lunas Roast Duck II

I was very happy to be able to sit so I could look over the shoulder of Ch'ng Kiah Kiean (KK) while he worked – watching his linework is mesmerising.

Slicing and dicing human proportions with Rob Sketcherman

PHM Hospitality Gelar 1O1 Travel Sketch Bali International Edition

Work by Ch'ng Kiah Kiean.

Doodlewash - Urban sketch and watercolor by Erik Madsen using the Three Time Fast Exercise by

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1O1 TRAVEL SKETCH BALI INTERNATIONAL EDITION Bali to Host the First International Art Sketch Event in Indonesia

Urban sketching with twig and Chinese ink

Our afternoon was spent with Kiah Kiean Ch'ng (KK). He started with distributing the drawing sticks his father prepped for us!

An Urban Sketchers Secret

Robie House design by Kiah Kiean Ch'ng. Tough.

azertip: “ Kiah Kiean ” Cityscape Drawing, Sketch Painting, Social Art, Landscape

20151115 Shih Chung School, Love Lane. I got to meet Chng Kiah Kiean, whose architectural sketches ...

See the city in monotone black & white and sketching it using handmade dry twigs with Chinese ink as main medium.

10. Junta de Freguesia de São Miguel, Lisbon

路‧線 Line-line Journey

Sketching the City II

🔴Live look in at Kiah Kiean's workshop at USk Chicago 2017!

That's Ch'ng Kiah Kiean sketching at the start of the video.

Three Times Fast Urban Sketching Exercise - Step 1 by Marc Taro Holmes

[어반스케쳐스수원 워크샵] KK 초청, 수원을 그리다

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12:29 PM - 7 Oct 2018

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20190428 Cactus, Transfer Road, Penang

Sketch ing 素描• 檳城Pe n a n g II

Posted: March 2nd, 2019 | Author: Ch'ng Kiah Kiean | Filed under: Chinese Ink & Watercolour, Object | Tags: 2019, Bali, Indonesia, quarter imperial, .

Next page – looking the other direction – a quick stick sketch of some houses. Then I wanted to move and sketch something really adventurous.

8. Teluk Bahang Fishing Village

... Kiah Kiean. 19-year-old Ryan Ng tells us how social media helps him make better

Sketch Diary of Ch'ng Kiah Kiean, 20151227 Teluk Bahang Fishing Village I

路‧線 Line-line Journey

7/15/17 My humble attempt at the same subject matter with Chinese ink, twig, stencil brush

Any advice for landscape architects who hope to improve their urban sketching skills?

via flickr.com

Accessory Pouch for urban sketchers designed by Kiah Kiean Ch'ng

The best memory I have of food sketching in Thailand is at the Pak Khlong Talat vegetable market in Bangkok. I was sketching the big baskets of hot red and ...

Blood Alley Square

20160304 Rua da Bica de Duarte Belo, Lisbon

A handful of sketches of people done in 2018

Can you introduce yourself and tell us how you got involved in landscape architecture?