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You know it39s bad when an autistic person dreads every Autism

You know it39s bad when an autistic person dreads every Autism


You know it's bad when an autistic person dreads every Autism Awareness Month. Let's do better as allies with these tips.

Autistic people aren't really accepted – and it's impacting their mental health


The signs are often less visible in women than in men, leading many to be

Yes – it's happening again. Well-meaning cookie-cutter ableism is at the heart of a theatrical production in the UK once more.

How a dad overcame anxiety about bringing son with autism to work today - ABC News

Yemi Ogunfeitimi ...

Barbers train to cut hair of kids with autism

Promotions specialist with Autistics Against Curing Autism Timotheus Gordon Jr. April 8.

C.L. Lynch — This youtuber got herself braids a few weeks ago.

I'm Not Asking for Autism Awareness. I'm Asking for Acceptance.

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'It's Exhausting': The Hidden Struggle of Working Women with Autism

Problem: It's no secret that many people with autism suffer from communication issues. This can present considerable difficulty at Christmas as 'the most ...

This week I've had cause to think again about the question of autism as a label. My default position is to feel autism as an identity.

How I Know My Son on the Autism Spectrum Will Be Just Fine This School Year

Some children with ASD are very sensitive to sensory stimuli and become overly distressed by household noises. (Shutterstock)

Mum of autistic twins says specialist told her bad parenting was cause

Some studies show children diagnosed with autism show no signs of it at a later age

Alice Nkara Saria at work at her shop Coco's Diet Kitchen located in Ruai on July

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I'm autistic. I just turned 36 — the average age when people like me die.

#SaidNoMother. Antivaccine nonsense · Autism · Medicine

Living with Andre and autism

How an Entirely New, Autistic Way of Thinking Powers Silicon Valley

At a Glance

Bill Girouard, on his son Teddy, and the time his mind went to all the dark places he was working so hard to fight against: tumor, cancer, six months to ...

Gary Numan

Meet Noah: Expect both tears and laughter when parenting a child with autism

Dereck Chisora has been misjudged according to his trainer Don Charles, who believes his charge could be suffering from autism.

There's little rigorous evidence on whether animals help people with autism become more sociable, or which people with the disorder might benefit the most.

Yup our onesies · Did you order your Halloween onesies yet? It's not too late but hurry on over ...

We know all too well the challenges in raising a child on the spectrum. After seven trying years Dorian was finally diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder ...

Finding love for autistics, through speed-dating with tip sheets - Haaretz - Israel News | Haaretz.com

How to Get A Free iPad For Your Child With Autism Social Skills Autism, Autism

Mom Shares Story of the Kind Employee Who Comforted Her Child with Autism Mid-Meltdown | Babble

'We had sensed for a while that something was wrong but a doctor gave us

Excerpt from my interview with Janet Mino from Best Kept Secret: "I know it's

How I Learned Emotional Intelligence with Aspergers | Aspergers From The Inside


Toni Braxton proudly announced that through hard work and constant prayer - her son Diezel is no longer considered autistic. Diezel was diagnosed on the ...

One woman's remarkable journey from desperation to hope, successfully parenting four children on the autism spectrum.

We asked two adults with autism how it can feel to have autism and relate to the rest of the world. Matt Lynch and an anonymous writer share those views and ...

Did you know NOT ALL ABLED PEOPLE do this stuff?

It has taught me what is really important in life and I couldn't be prouder to be an autism Mum.


Untangling the ties between autism and obsessive-compulsive disorder | Spectrum | Autism Research News

How an Entirely New, Autistic Way of Thinking Powers Silicon Valley | WIRED

Lydia X. Z. Brown - Autistic Hoya

Making progress: Eleah Basden


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15-year-old Greta Thunberg spoke for her generation at the COP24 climate talks in Poland

Emily Swiatek: "An autistic woman can reach a crisis point and it's a shock to her employers." Photo courtesy of the National Autistic Society.

The Creativity Issue: No, Technology Isn't Robbing Your Kid of Creativity

Boy, 16, overcomes autism struggles to write his first novel

Everything Is Fine Until It's Not. Theatrical Play. CommunitySee All

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Study reveals senses of sight, sound separated in children with autism

... but let's try our best to get rid of the preconceived notions, because just like your child's needs are unique, your creative solutions are going to ...


Danny Glass calls himself Sunfruit Dan online and sells parents of autistic children the potentially lethal treatment

Serious concern: Like many parents of girls with autism, Hillary Haldane worries about her

Are autistic individuals hypersensitive to emotions? (Alexithymia and Autism) [Q&A]

Autistic or rain man holding colorful umbrella. Autism. Bearded man checking if it rains. Fashion man with colorful accessories. Let it rain. - Image

A nice smile before going to his special needs college. Apparently he cant do maths

Sophie Bennett who killed herself at a care facility when her mental health unravelled amid major

A SensaBus to make a difference to kids with autism

For all the criticism social media gets, it's actually not bad. Just ask Carly

Hollie S Chambers, Clinical Social Work/Therapist

The #ActuallyAutistic tag on social media – particularly Twitter – is a good read if you'd like to hear what Autistic people have to say.

Texas family 'prevented from boarding American Airlines flight because of autistic son'

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Siblings: The Autism Spectrum Through Our Eyes eBook: Jane Botsford Johnson, Anne Van Rensselaer: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store

Kimberley Seeger supported the news that people with invisible disabilities will get free parking, as

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Why Lego Batman is Autistic by Me

Michael Buckholtz is a multiplatinum record producer but says his adult autism leaves him feeling "

What is one thing every teacher of autistic individuals should know? When an individual appears

Diagnosis Story 18: The People I Know Understand Me

N word describes black people as someone that originaly comes from some place in Africa known

Sesame Street Hits the Mark with Autistic Character. Now We Just Need More

Who are some famous philosophers with autism you didn't know about? “Love · Famous PhilosophersAutistic PeopleAutism ...

Anne Hegerty breaks autism society's website after candid chat on I'm a Celebrity - Mirror Online

The family in focus is that of reporter/writer Ron Suskind, his wife Cornelia, and their two sons, older brother Walt and younger, autistic brother Owen.

All dressed up as “The Fairy Godmother”, prior to a charity appearance.

(Photo courtesy of Deron Williams)

I am autistic, writes Laura James (pictured with her daughter, Lucie).

Autism: when should we judge a book from its cover?